Marge spoke briefly with Dan this evening via satellite phone and also spoke with Helge's wife, Karen, to provide the following update.
Dan, Helge, Vincent and Roger road approximately 330 miles today over what I'm sure was some extraordinarily rough terrain and without the assistance of bridges. They stopped for the night at a bungalow in Los Angeles, Chile. They ate sardines, crackers, and other motorcycle snack items and the bungalow owners gave them two bottles of wine, in place of unavailable water. They have no electricity and are still unable to get a signal on their cell phones.

At this time their plan for tomorrow is to head south to Osorno, Chile (approximately 250 miles) where they will pick up some new tires for the bikes. They then plan to head east through the Andes and into Argentina.

More details will be posted as they become available.
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