Tierra Del Fuego

Day 2 - January 6

We awoke to a beautiful view out our window:

The hotel was built by the government and sold to a private developer who was in the process of a rehab.

San Quintin started as an ill advised wheat farming investment. A large international land company attracted 100 English colonists to come and share vast agricultural wealth by starting up a large wheat plantation. The project failed as did many other schemes aimed at the Baja peninsula. All that remains are Griswell ruins, a railroad causeway, a locomotive that lays underwater in the bay and an English cemetery. Today it is still and ag area hoping to become a tourist attraction.

Translucent tents covering crops

The question is from where does the moisture come - - there is very little precipitation here except for the dense pea soup fog that rolls in every night.

We spent some time riding on the beach.

The road to Guerrero Negro was again a high speed highway with beautiful ups and downs reminiscent of a roller coaster. We passed boulder fields along with way with some measuring as large as 30-40 feet in diameter.

All of the other riders have brought brand new BMW Adventurers and Helge encounters the first problem - - a clutch that does not work. Helge does not seem worried – but soon the others may have the same problem – they may be worried!

We covered a little less than 300 miles from San Quintin to Guerrero Negro. Along the way we passed a number military check points on the road. The soldiers were in the process of searching cars. It seems clear that Mexico is serious about dealing with the drug problem (more serious than we appear to be about the drug consumption problem).

We found a quaint hotel with a nice restaurant in a city where we assumed the hotels would be of questionable quality.

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